Meet kestrel

Our story

Kestrel’s approach to placing applicants is by thorough understanding of the client’s needs and the experience, abilities and aspirations of each candidate.

This is achieved through separate meetings with clients and applicants from which the suitability for each position is established.  Only then do we provide our clients with the CVs of the potentially suitable candidates.

Our consultants travel around the world to meet applicants prior to client interviews.

The aim of the meeting is so that Kestrel can provide a precise overview of each applicant to our clients and advice to applicants, which will ensure the recruitment process progresses effectively.


Generally lasting about an hour, the meeting commences with a brief presentation about Kestrel Consulting and our services, followed by a one to one technical discussion which will enable our consultant to assess your level of experience and suitability for the range of opportunities available with our clients.

By the end of the meeting you will be advised of the specific applications we would be intending to progress on your behalf with the clients we represent.


The meeting also offers advice on:


  • CV structure
  • Interview techniques
  • Visa applications
  • Salary requirements
  • Relocation packages