Marketing experts to this day debate over whether marketing as such is an art form or a science. Marketing deals with as human behaviour as it does with data. On the one hand, marketing is all about implementing change and sustaining that change, but on the other hand, marketing deals with a lot of analysis and data.

Marketing as an ART

Why is marketing an ART? Marketing is an art because it deals directly with human behaviour. Those involved in marketing will tell you that the core essence of marketing involves in understanding human behaviour and creating a buyer persona. Buyer personas are important concepts in the marketplace because they are built specifically to a section of the society that is otherwise known as targeted marketing.

A big part of marketing is to create ads and campaigns that will reach the targeted audience effectively. The core essence of campaigning is to copyright and design, two key factors that are heavily involved in art as such. As soon as the campaign is launched, it can be seen that campaigns tend to morph and adapt to the needs of the public as such, Science in most cases doesn’t give room for to change to occur and the concept of adaptability has more to do with art than with science.

Marketing as a Science

It should be understood that although marketing involves human behaviour, the study and analysis of it falls well within the confines of science. Most marketing campaigns are run based on hard data that was analysed with set assumptions, which is the forte of science at its core.

A Fine Balance


Regardless of where you stand, marketing is a fine mix of both art and science. For example, the recently launched Coca-Cola is a fine example of how marketing is a mix of both. The campaign captures every onlooker due to how creative it is, and the campaign is so creative because data analysis helped Coca-Cola come out with a campaign that speaks to the consumer. The experience that an onlooker has is due to the artistic properties of the campaign while the interactive design represents the scientific properties. In this particular marketing campaign; science doesn’t stop with just the creation but Coca-Cola also analyses user behaviour through the app. The advertisement is being touted as modern marketing marvel.

Marketing is a mix; the creative side will fall flat if there is no mechanism to measure the success and behavioural properties of the marketing campaign.

Thus we can conclude that science and art are two sides of the same coin.