Businesses should understand that there is a big difference between rolling out an advertisement and marketing. Marketing is the overall process of drawing in a large number of consumers for a particular product or service through a goal-oriented marketing campaign. This campaign can be in the form of an advertisement. Thus an advertisement is only a tool and not the process as such.

1. Teach before you preach

Free classes and workshops is a great route to take; you can rent out a hall or keep the workshop in-house to let your target audience experience the product or service first hand. This strategy converts a lot of potential customers to long-term costumers. Free workshops should be targeted to the right audience, and it needs to be personalised. A Zumba class looking to bring in more customers can offer a free Zumba workshop on a weekend, this will not only give the customer a hands-on experience but will also give you a huge networking base to work your magic.

Key things to Remember: Roll out the best classes; Make it interactive; Have fun.

2. The power of networking


Join a local group of business owners that are either in your sector or have businesses that target the same group of people. It is important to understand the difference between the two. A network that is filled with people in the same sector can be too broad for you to try target marketing strategies on but a local group of business owners can be a great place to start especially if you’re trying to build a diverse target audience. These groups tend to have market fairs where you can pitch your business, and these networks tend to rely on referrals within the network. So understand that to reap the benefits of networking, you’ll need to refer people to be referred.

Key things to Remember: Be friendly; Have a great Pitch; Help out;

3. Focal Point

Becoming the focal point of a charitable event that benefits the society at large can be a great marketing strategy. But the focus of the charitable event shouldn’t be about pushing your product or service in any way. It should be about making sure that the community develops in some way or the other. This is a form of indirect marketing where your brand image grows as a result of the positive attitude people develop in regard to your business.

Key things to Remember: Focus on the community; Subtle brand placements.